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Routine Appointment

£35 (30 mins)

These appointments can be carried out in your own home. Whether it's nail care, a painful corn or a stubborn verruca, we can offer all common treatments types wherever you are.

Biomechanics Appointment

£50 (45 min assessment)

Do you have heel pain, ankle soreness or other activity-induced pains?


With a full biomechanics appointment your lower limb will be assessed for its function, strength and mobility, to establish a diagnosis and cause where possible.


Treatment may include:


- Acupuncture

- Soft tissue and joint mobilisation

- Orthotic prescription

- Exercise rehabilitation


£40 (30 min follow up treatments)

Nail Surgery

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Nail surgery is a minor procedure carried out to remove either the whole, or a small section of a nail. This can be indicated for cases of:


- Ingrowing toe nail

- Severely thickened nails

- Damaged nails

- Fungal nails

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Nail Reconstruction

Nail reconstruction involves the application of a temporary nail using LCN Wilde Pedique products, replacing and covering potentially damaged or fungal nails, for up to 3 months.

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